Submitting and sharing good practices

The exchange of good practices allows Optimal Nutritional Care for All -members to apply tried and tested innovations to strengthen their own campaigns to improve nutritional care and screening in their home countries. If you would like to share a good practice, e.g. a single event, activity, issue or piece of research, then please prepare a word document containing the following information:

  • A title (maximum 7 words), for example ‘Undergraduate seminar series’
  • A short optional quote/testimonial from someone involved in the good practice, with an optional photo of that person • A brief introduction of a couple of sentences, for example ‘This initiative saw our organisation delivering seminars and workshops to undergraduate medical students in 4 universities’
  • A date and location, if relevant, for example, ‘Seminars delivered in Paris and Calais in June 2016’
  • The name and email address of a contact person, should interested parties wish to reach out and get in touch
  • A short article of no more than 300 words describing the good practice in further detail
  • A brief summary of the outcome or result of the good practice, for example ‘450 undergraduate students completed the seminar series, and 50 students went on to organise their own events around nutritional care’
  • Any links to relevant additional material, e.g. websites, social media channels, or media coverage
  • The name of the fields that best describe the area the good practice focuses on, e.g. Education, Media, Professional Training
  • The names of any partner organisations and link to their websites, if applicable Please also attach, as a Jpeg or high definition EPS image, a main photo (not just group photos, but all sorts of images to illustrate your good practice) and 2-3 additional, secondary photos if these are available.

For examples of the good practices currently being shared by Optimal Nutritional Care for All-members, visit the Good Practice pages. To submit your good practice, please send the information requested to ENHA Secretary Dave Eaton