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What to provide for a Good Practice?

How to publish an attractive case to the website

Good Practice Guidelines

The exchange of good practices allows ONCA members to apply tried and tested innovations to strengthen their own campaigns to improve nutritional care and screening in their home countries.
We strongly encourage you to share a good practice, e.g. a single event, activity, issue or piece of research. Please prepare a simple word document with separate images and files (mark in the text where they belong). We will work on the online layout of your Good Practice.
Once published on, you can download your own Good Practice as a PDF, providing you with a great layout of your content.

Use multiple interesting quality images with a caption text

Video URL:

Try hard to use good photos!

Content is king…

For a successful Good Practice, content is obviously key. So try to write high-quality content. Choose a title (max 7 words) and explain why the Good Practice is of value for your peers in a brief introduction. The content should be comprehensive, but shouldn’t be longer than necessary (200-300 words?). You can always add links, downloads and requests for additional information. Try to deliver your message with takeaways or outcomes and using bullet points and summaries.

…and form is queen

Having created some valuable content, form comes into play. These days people have a standard when it comes to online content. Fortunately, the website provides a variety of options to enrich your content. Please find some examples below.

“A short optional quote/testimonial/contact information from someone involved in the good practice, with an
optional photo of that person ”

Author Name

We can also add a gallery if you have a series of pictures:


  • your organisation’s logo
  • close up and active images
  • infographics
  • stock images
  • video
  • PDF downloads



  • Group pictures
  • Low-quality images
Add downloads such as PDF's

Good Practices Guidelines

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Good Practices Guidelines

Good Practices Guidelines

68.08 KB


Good luck working on your Good Practice!!