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In Austria, Malnutrition Awareness Week 2022  took place between the 7th and the 11th of November.  A rich program was generated so numerous actions started during that time. The aim of the campaign was the Optimal Nutritional Supply and the connection with the ONCA campaign. See the overview program here.


Many studies have shown that malnutrition is associated with negative consequences. In addition to relevant therapeutic and economic problems, such as longer hospital stays, poorer response to therapies, and increased re-hospitalization rates, malnutrition also has an impact on a personal level such as a reduction of quality of life, a negative impact on socioeconomic status, and a reduced lifespan. (Hiesmayr et al., 2019 & Rasheed and Woods, 2013).

Despite the drastic consequences of malnutrition, little attention is paid to this issue. International Nutrition Day, a global survey on nutritional therapy of hospitalized people, has shown that not even half of all patients with a history of weight loss have had their nutritional intake surveyed. Moreover, only half of the patients who are malnourished or at risk for malnutrition are identified as malnourished. (Hiesmayr et al., 2019). 

Thus, malnutrition has not received the attention it deserves for a long time. And this is not only a problem in Austria. To bring the issue of malnutrition to the spotlight, the ONCA (Optimal Nutritional Care for All) initiative is dedicated to addressing the issue of malnutrition in the population across countries.

The ONCA Campaign in Austria

To raise awareness of the issue in Austria, the ONCA Austria team, under the leadership of Dr. rer.nat. Julia Traub and the AKE (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Klinische Ernährung), initiated a malnutrition week in Austria for the first time. People who are at risk or suffer from malnutrition need immediate support in order to increase their quality of life as well as their length of life. For one week, training and information sessions were offered to address these important issues.

Future steps

Be a part of the solution, join in, talk about the disease, and help us keep the topic in the public focus in the future. The ONCA Team Austria is looking forward to active cooperation and asks for announcements of initiatives on the topic of optimal nutritional care in order to be able to publicize them on the homepage. These contributions can be sent to Anna Prisching (anna.prisching@uniklinikum.kages.at).

Activities in the MAW 2022:


– 07.11: Webinar

Topic: Malnutrition and oncology – Preview of the new AKE recommendations

– 08.11

AKE Dialogue on Optimal Nutrition Care (ONCA) Challenges of Nutrition Care in Intra- and Extramural Settings (see the whole program in German below)

– 09.11

AKE Best Practice Award – Awarding under the aspect of optimization of nutrition/nutritional care

– 10.11

NutritionDay 2022

– 11.11: Webinar

Minimed contribution to malnutrition in old age, focusing on gender

Panel discussion malnutrition in Austria and AKE Award

(Day 1)

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ECKcxTi5Pw

Day 1

Day 1 8/11: AKE –Dialog Optimale Ernährungsversorgung (ONCA) Herausforderungen der Ernährungsversorgung im intra- und extramuralen Setting

Michael Hiesmayr
Anforderung an die Ernährungsversorgung im Krankenhaussetting
Anna Prisching
NutritionDay 2021
Michael Hiesmayr
Nationale Ernährungskommission (NEK)
Judith Benedics
Optimal Nutrition Care for all ONCA

A multi-stakeholder initiative

Joost Wesseling
Executive Director, The European Nutrition for Health Alliance
Ernährungspfade im intra- und extramuralen Bereich
Carolin Herzog & Sonja Lindner-Rabl
Onkologie und Mangelernährung

Intra- und extramurale Herausforderung

Patrick Clemens
MOOC-Mangelernährung im Alter
Eglseer Doris

AKE dialogue – Optimal Nutritional Supply

(Day 2)

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUw4AXCwqi0

Program & information

Austrian Malnutrition Awareness Week

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Rasheed, S., Woods, R.T., 2013. Malnutrition and quality of life in older people: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Ageing Res. Rev. 12, 561–566. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.arr.2012.11.003

Julia Traub Communication Coordinator Austria

Head of clinical medical nutrition, University Hospital Graz

Contact Julia for inquiries on Austrian campaign activities and for publishing of your Good Practice on this website.