ONCA Conference Copenhagen Creating Equality in Nutritional Care

Laurence Doughan


Laurence Doughan is the coordinator of the Federal Nutrition and Health Plan of Belgium.

She is working since 20 years on the field of nutrition. Since undernutrition is a priority for the Belgian nutrition policy, she was involved in the launch of the Belgian ONCA platform in 2015. She is representing Belgium for nutrition policy at EU level and for OMS-Europe. She has a broad expertise in many domains such as food labelling and marketing, food reformulation, micronutrients deficiencies, breastfeeding, prevention of food-related diseases and undernutrition.

António Lacerda Sales


António Lacerda Sales was born in Leiria in 1962.

He was a member of the Portuguese Parliament between 2015 and 2018. During this time, he coordinated the Health Committee and served as a member of the European Affairs Committee and as a substitute member of the National Defense Committee and of the Environment, Decentralization and Local Government Committee. He also took part in two Parliamentary Working Groups: Diabetes and Oncological Diseases.

Orthopedist at the Santo André Hospital, of the Leiria Hospital Center, EPE, until 2015, he also practised at S. Francisco Clinic, in Leiria, and in a private office.

He has a degree in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra and is the author of several publications on Sports Medicine and Healthy and Active Aging.

Nicole Tonya Erickson


Nicole Tonya Erickson

M.Sc, Registered Dietitian (USA and Germany) specialized in Oncology
Lead of Oncology EFAD Oncology Specialist Network
Speaker of the German Cancer Society Nutrition Working Group (PRIO)
Candidate Dr. rer. biol. hum, working on my PhD
Fulbright Scholar 1997
Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics, Summa Cum Laude:  Eastern Michigan University (USA)
Present position: Coordination: Nutrition Sciences and Clinical Nutrition at Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC LMU) at Ludwig Maximillian University Clinic, Munich

Alessandro Laviano, MD


Alessandro Laviano, MD, is associate professor of Internal Medicine at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. He works at the Clinical Nutrition Unit of the Sapienza University Hospital in Rome, Italy. Also, Dr. Laviano holds a position of Visiting Research Professor at Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY, USA. He is an Expert Reviewer for the Framework Programs of the European Commission, Bruxelles. Dr Laviano received his MD degree at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where he also completed the residency programmes in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. In the period 1994-1995, Dr. Laviano worked as a research fellow in the Surgical Metabolism Laboratory at the Department of Surgery, SUNY Health Science Center, Syracuse, NY, USA. Dr. Laviano joined the Faculty of the Medical School at Sapienza University in 1998, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2007.

Robert Greene


Robert Greene, Founder & President of the HungerNdThirst Foundation, board member of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, Patient Advisory Committee member of the European Cancer Organisation, GSK Patient Advisory board member, Data Saves Lives Patient Advisory Member, Gravitate Health Ethical and Legal Advisory board member.

A Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate.

Advocates for:

  • a patient-centred and patient-centric approach within the patient journey;
  • awareness, policies, and research focused on Nutritional Care and Malnutrition;
  • Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care;
  • optimal and equally respected collaboration between Patient Organisations & Pharma.

Prof António Parreira


António Parreira
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
1400-038, Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: 351 210 480 200 (ext 4001)
E-mail: antonio.parreira@fundacaochampalimaud.pt

Diploma in Medicine – Lisbon University School of Medicine – 1972.
Hematology Board Certificate – Lisbon University School of Medicine, Santa Maria Hospital -1979.|
PhD in Medicine – Lisbon University School of Medicine – 1989.

Positions held:
Junior Assistant of Pharmacology – 1969-72.
Internship in Internal Medicine – 1973-74.
Resident in Internal Medicine, Santa Maria Hospital – 1975-76.
Resident in Hematology, Henri Mondor Hospital, Creteil, France, supported by a grant from the
French Government – 1977.
Resident in Clinical Hematology, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon 1977-80.
Consultant of Clinical Haematology, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon – since 1981-90.
Research Fellow at the Leukaemia Unit, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith
Hospital, London, supported by a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation – 1983-85.
Associate Professor of Hematology, Lisbon University School of Medicine, 1989-1992.
Consultant of Clinical Hematology, Portuguese Institute of Cancer, Lisbon, 1992.
Director of the Hematology Unit, Portuguese Institute of Cancer, Lisbon, 1992 – 2004.
Director of the Department of Medical Oncology, Portuguese Institute of Cancer, Lisbon, 1996– 2011.
Director of the Oncology Research Center, Instituto Português de Oncologia, Lisbon, 2008 -2011.

Present Appointment:
Clinical Director, Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Lisbon, since 2011.
Professor of Medicine (Haematology), New Medical School, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, since 1996.

Member of the following Scientific Societies:
Sociedade das Ciências Médicas de Lisboa
Sociedade Portuguesa de Hematologia
Association Espanola de Hematologia y Hemoterapia
The European Society for Medical Oncology
The European Hematology Association
American Society of Hematology
Areas of professional interest:
Hemato-Oncology, Lymhpoma and Multiple Myeloma, Minimal Residual Disease