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Education programs on “Increasing Awareness of Malnutrition Among Primary Care Health Professionals in Turkey (IAMAP-care in Turkey)” were conducted by the Turkish Clinical Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Society (KEPAN) on June 17 2019, and June 19 2019 in Ankara with participation of 499 clinicians in 4 groups and on June 18 2019 and June 19 2019 in Izmir with participation of 291 clinicians in 4 groups to increase the awareness of malnutrition in the primary health caregivers (doctors, dietitians, nurses). Besides, more education programs were conducted in Adana with 117 participants in February 20, 2020, in Samsun with 93 participants in February 28, 2020 and in Kayseri with 70 participants in March 6, 2020. Total of 998 clinicians participated in all these education programs.

Demirag Kubilay Communication Coordinator Turkey

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