The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey has assigned one pharmacist from each public hospital in Turkey to receive training in Clinical Nutrition and requested collaboration from KEPAN (The Turkish Clinical Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Society). KEPAN decided to use the formal ESPEN LLL program. After ESPEN Executive Committee approval, the program was performed by 35 authorized LLL teachers on 10 LLL topics and 240 pharmacists trained.

The course was held in Antalya – Turkey on dates February 5-10, 2017. Before the LLL courses, the participants involved in workshops on compounding practices, enteral products and parenteral products on the first day of the course. These pharmacists were divided into 4 different groups and each 10 LLL courses (T3: Nutritional Assessment and Techniques, T8: Approach to Oral and Enteral Nutrition, T9: Approach to Parenteral Nutrition, T10: Nutrition Support in Pediatric Patients, T12: Nutritional Support in Gl Diseases, T17: Nutritional Support in Perioperative Period, T18: Nutritional Support in Intensive Care Patients, T25: Nutritional Support in Neurological Diseases, T26: Nutritional Support in Cancer, T36: Nutritional Support in Older Adults) were performed for each group separately. The success rate of the participants was similar to the previous courses performed.


These intensive courses for specific groups are important for the improvement of nutrition teams’ backgrounds and for the network of these groups.

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