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Chemotherapy and flavour

Flavour perception is a consequence of the detection and processing of gustatory, olfactory and trigeminal stimulation. Previous research has identified interactions occurring within and across gustatory, olfactory and trigeminal systems lead to taste and smell disorders. It is also proved that chemotherapy affects the gustatory and olfactory system more than the trigeminal system.

The O-box profiling tool

O-box profiling tool

Based on this knowledge the CfG (Center for Gastrology, Belgium) created a tool, called the O-box, to profile taste perception in cancer patients. These taste profiles allow chefs, expert in gastro-engineering, to produce personalized tailored recipes to tackle the negative impact of chemotherapy-induced taste disturbances on food intake.

“Tackle the negative impact of chemotherapy-induced taste disturbances”

Oncobread in the make


With the support of ‘Kom op Tegen Kanker, we have successfully tested this approach in adult cancer patients by facilitating them to bake their own personalized bread at home. Compared to a control group, these patients retained their body weight. This self-care intervention also positively impacted several aspects of their quality of life in a clinically relevant way.

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Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJqCxOMiLWg

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