“The idea for this project has arisen from my years of experience in an institution for people with multiple disabilities. Adapted nutrition and physical activity are important for this target group.”

Diane Buekers


This initiative brings 240 people with chewing and swallowing problems due to severe and multiple disabilities together with their caregivers and family to show them that even for this target group adapted nutrition can be presented in a festive manner. Besides the nutritional aspect, all 6 events offer also adapted physical activity sessions.


6 events between 2016 – 2019; 28-6-2017 was the first event. Planned dates:  16/11/2017, 01/03/2018, 27/05/2018 Fall 2018 and spring 2019


Ter Heide (Disability Care Institution), Klotstraat 125, 3600 Genk – Belgium


Special Olympics Belgium organizes during the project period of 3 years the Healthy Community Project ‘Nutrition is a festivity’ that focuses on adapted nutrition for people with severe and multiple disabilities. The main goal during 6 events is to provide healthy, tasteful and adapted meals. All meals will be prepared suitable for people with chewing and swallowing problems (with adapted consistencies). Major attention is given to the presentation of the meals, to enhance their taste and smell experience, two important aspects that define the experience while eating. These festive meals will be offered to 240 residents of 6 locations of a disability care institution, as well to their caregivers, students and family. In addition to this buffet (both warm and cold dishes as well as a dessert buffet), education materials are provided to the caregivers and families to create more awareness on typical nutritional problems in this target group and how to address them. In between the different courses of the buffet, adapted physical activity sessions are offered to the residents. These sessions are specifically designed for this target group on three different levels so that each person can participate in an activity adapted to his/her activity capacity.


240 people with severe and multiple disabilities in combination with chewing and swallowing problems were/will be offered an appealing buffet by adapted meals in combination with adapted physical activity sessions. Caregivers, students and family members were also involved in both the nutritional and activity aspects offered.

Partner organisations
  1. Special Olympics International: http://www.specialolympics.org/
  2. Golisano Foundation: http://www.golisanofoundation.org/
  3. Special Olympics Belgium: https://www.special-olympics.be/
  4. Ter Heide, Disability Care Institution, Belgium: https://www.terheide.be/
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