TURIN ONCA CONFERENCE 2024 From awareness to control

#ITMAW2023 SINPE4YOUNG Course on Body Composition

#ITMAW2023 SINPE4YOUNG Course on Body Composition

First edition

Free registration reserved for SINPE members under 40 who have paid their dues
Number of participants : 30

Scientific managers : Ester Giaquinto, Federica Sebastiani, Luca Valeriani

Faculty: Simona Bodecchi, Reggio Emilia – Serena Bursi, Reggio Emilia – Ester Giaquinto, Cesena – Marialaura Scarcella, Terni – Federica Sebastiani, Reggio Emilia – Jacopo Talluri, Florence – Michele Umbrello, Milan – Luca Valeriani, Bologna – Nicola Veronese, Palermo



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