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#NLMAW2023 Program & Materials

#NLMAW2023 Program & Materials

With Malnutrition Awareness Week,  the Dutch Malnutrition Center of Expertise aims to increase awareness and improve the identification, screening, and treatment of malnutrition in the Netherlands. They call on people to be alert to malnutrition in all adults or children with a disease and (vulnerable) elderly people.

The Dutch Malnutrition Center of Expertise focuses on professionals in healthcare and welfare in all sectors, who come into contact with these risk groups and can convey this message to other professionals, managers, vulnerable people themselves, and/or their family/informal caregivers.

Day 1
Day 2

Day 1 November 6

Conference: Beware of Malnutrition Partner Network for Malnutrition of the Elderly & UP to 2028

the ‘POP-UP 2028’ (for invited guests only)

Day 2 November 9

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Online introductory training Knowledge Network Expert Group Well Fed Aging.

More information and conditions for participation in this Knowledge Network can be found via Participation in the Expert Group of Dietitians – Malnutrition Knowledge Center. 

For professionals in healthcare or welfare

During this week the Center wants to encourage as many professionals as possible to take action in their own organization or work environment. The logo of the Week Against Malnutrition is available in various file formats.

Logo MAW

As additional support, fact sheets for professionals in healthcare and welfare and the materials of the Awareness Campaign are available:
1. Fact sheet on tackling malnutrition in children with a disease (recently updated).

2. Fact sheet tackling malnutrition in adults with a disease.

3. Fact sheet Aging well nourished about tackling malnutrition in (vulnerable) elderly people.  (recently updated).

4. The Well Fed Aging awareness campaign aims to support the elderly and their loved ones, professionals in healthcare and welfare. There are 8 messages with images and messages, specifically for certain target groups.
5. Signaling card Well-nourished aging for professionals and volunteers in welfare and social work.
6. Factsheet The value of care for malnutrition of vulnerable elderly people; This is a fact sheet about cost/benefit research in the form of a Social Return on Investment analysis (SROI) and will be ready in October.

The logo and fact sheets can be freely downloaded and used.

Do you have any questions? Then email:  info@kenniscentrumondervoeding.nl