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#UKMAW2023 campaign: Ask, Look, Listen

#UKMAW2023 campaign: Ask, Look, Listen

BAPEN is delighted to be joining forces with the Malnutrition Task Force (MTF) once again to run UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2023 (UKMAW2023), which will take place between 6th – 12th November. They are kindly asking all interested parties to get involved with the campaign to increase understanding of the dangers, risk factors, and signs of malnutrition and dehydration.

#UKMAW2023 daily themes

#UKMAW2023’s focus is to Ask, Look, Listen

The campaign focus – Ask, Look, Listen – recognises that malnutrition is everyone’s business. It is easier to manage malnutrition or dehydration when it is spotted earlier, so we want everybody in health and care multidisciplinary teams to spread the importance of keeping nutritional care at the forefront of minds, and for people in the community to look out for family members, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

So, what does ‘Ask, Look and Listen’ mean in practice?

Ask – If you know somebody who may be vulnerable because they have health problems, because they are older or perhaps because they are isolated, don’t be afraid to ask them if they are eating and drinking okay. Don’t be afraid to ask about somebody’s appetite or ability to prepare food and drink, it could make all the difference and help you stop malnutrition in its tracks.

Look – Always be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of unplanned weight loss such as looser clothing, loose belts or rings or dentures. And remember you won’t always see weight loss so keep your eyes open for other signs like empty fridges and cupboards, local shops that have closed, or reluctance to travel or leave home.

Listen – Listen carefully to what somebody is telling you about their life. It may not be about eating and drinking directly, but is it about feeling tired, feeling worried because they are unwell, feeling lonely, or losing interest in things that usually give them enjoyment? Practice active listening and think about how the way somebody is feeling generally may affect how they are able to look after themselves.

You can find a variety of Downloadable resources on the BAPEN MAW webpage

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