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Malnutrition Awareness Week

In 2022, the Dutch Malnutrition Center of Expertise will initiate the Week against Malnutrition, from the 7th to the 11th of November. This is in line with the ONCA European Malnutrition Awareness Week Program.

All the information can be found on the website

Are you a healthcare or welfare professional?

In this Week against Malnutrition, ask for extra attention regarding malnutrition in your organization, from fellow professionals in your neighborhood or region. This way, you can help increase awareness and improve the identification, screening, and treatment of malnutrition in the Netherlands.

In addition, we have developed fact sheets for supporting the healthcare professionals:
1. Tackling malnutrition in children with a disease
2. Tackling malnutrition in adults with a disease
3. Well-nourished aging: Tackling malnutrition in (frail) elderly.

Click here to download for free the logo and fact sheets

What can you do?
Many actions can create awareness regarding malnutrition and the importance of timely screening and treatment. You will probably see opportunities for informing and activating professionals around you to tackle malnutrition. See all the relative information, training, and material for healthcare professionals in our Knowledge Base.

Some ideas are:

  • Send a letter to GP practices, home care organizations, and management.
  • (Online) training for caregivers, nurses, and nutrition assistants.
  • Watch the Masterclass on undernutrition in the elderly together with your colleagues.
  • Take the free e-learning on undernutrition in the elderly.
  • Take part with your team for free in the e-learning for dieticians “Malnutrition: the translation into practice” (ADAP 3 points after the test)
  • Write a relative article in newsletters for professionals in your region or organization.
  • Share screening tools with instructions.
  • Organize actions in your institute or organization, for example: a knowledge quiz, information stand, protein-rich snack in the company canteen, malnutrition lunch for department heads, etc.
  • Participate in the International Nutrition Day, On November 10.
  • Distribute the fact sheets. (You can add your own logo on this.)

Do you have other good ideas of your own? That too is possible!

Share your action during the Week Against Malnutrition on social media with #WTO2022 or tag us on
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Are you in?

In 2022 we will participate in the European Malnutrition Awareness Week for the first time in The Netherlands. We will continue this initiative in the coming years so that we can make a strong stand together against malnutrition in the event of illness and aging.

The logo of the Week Against Malnutrition is available in different file formats.