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UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2022

UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2022 #UKMAW2022 will take place between 10th and 16th October

The Malnutrition Task Force are delighted to be partnering again with BAPEN to bring a week of activities, focusing on raising awareness of preventable malnutrition and dehydration in older people.

This year for #UKMAW2022 the MTF will continue to focus on ‘Ask, Look, Listen’, which was so successful in 2021, to continue to raise awareness of undernutrition and to start conversations with older people about food and drink. Importantly we also want to help to identify older people who are struggling, who seem vulnerable, or isolated, those who have health problems or are struggling with activities of daily living, and those who are finding it difficult to plan, shop, cook or access food.

 #UKMAW2022 will provide practical tips and ideas on how to tackle challenges around getting enough food and drink for older people with the help they need to be able to eat it. 

#UKMAW 2022 posters – here you will find a range of supporting posters, image and other items for you to download to use during the week.

One message for #UKMAW2022 is that we must all work together to raise awareness of preventable malnutrition, start conversations and use tools to identify people at risk more quickly. We all need to look out for local people in our community, neighbours, friends, carers, and family members, all of whom may be at risk. 

#UKMAW2022 practical tips on how to start conversations with older people using ‘Ask, Look, Listen’


How is your appetite, has it changed, and are there any difficulties with cutting, chewing or swallowing food? Do you feel you are eating and drinking enough? Have you noticed any unplanned weight loss? do you have any new or long-term concerns about your abilities to shop, prepare and cook food? Do you have worries about your finances?


Look – Look carefully to assess how well the older person is doing. Always be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of unplanned weight loss such as looser clothing, loose belts or rings, or dentures.  What is their ability in climbing stairs or walking short distances outside and other activities of daily living? Have they undertaken a new caring role or have they been caring for some time?

Keep your eyes open for other signs. Are there difficulties with mobility, have the local shops closed, is there access to public transport to get to the shops?  Can they actually do their shopping? Are there empty fridges and store cupboards? Do they have a functioning fridge, freezer, cooker, hob, microwave?


Listen carefully to what older people are telling you. It may not be directly about eating and drinking, it could be about loss, feeling lonely and low, about losing interest and the lack of energy to take part in things that usually give pleasure.

Daily Themes for #UKMAW2022

There will be a different theme for each day of the awareness week and we will soon be sharing ways that you can get involved with this.

Conference Monday – visit the Conference page for more information
  • Kick-Off BAPEN’s MAG National Screening Survey – calling all professionals to take part
  • Tools for stating conversations
  • Raising awareness
Challenges Tuesday
  • Post a Selfie – share challenges and solutions
  • Download a Selfie Card here
Wednesday – Eating well
  • Access to food
  • Practical tips
  • Food delivery – Meals-on-Wheels
Thirsty Thursday

Practical tips for maintaining Hydration

Friday Getting winter ready
  • Keeping well
  • Where to get help
  • Store cupboard
  • Accessing food
  • Vaccines
Weekend Nutrition Superheroes
  • Tell us about your nutrition Superheroes
  • Share and shout-out your nutrition superhero