TURIN ONCA CONFERENCE 2024 From awareness to control


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Julia Traub Communication Coordinator Austria

Head of clinical medical nutrition, University Hospital Graz

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  • Karin Schindler

  • Romana Schlaffer

  • Anna Prisching

    Dietitian, University Hospital Graz
  • Patrick Clemens

  • Barbara Walcher

    Dietitian, University Hospital Graz

Austria has dedicated a lot of the country’s resources to ensuring basic human rights for its residents. Food and nutrition- at all life stages- are key for health and wellbeing. In this context, Austria decided to participate in the Europe-wide campaign ONCA. This step was made in order to secure optimal food and nutritional care for all citizens, across health and social care.

A significant number of Austrian stakeholders have gathered to support Austria’s ONCA working group:  physicians, dietitians, nutritional scientists, and representatives from ministries and government bodies as well as scientific societies such as the Austrian Society on Clinical Nutrition (AKE).

Existing and future Austrian-wide initiatives for the prevention, detection and management of nutrition-related disorders are in the focus of the Austrian ONCA team. The joint effort of various groups involved in the field allows a strong and comprehensive working approach of the Austrian ONCA working group. Together, the group has turned its focus on issues related to all forms of malnutrition. This way patients and citizens are at the center of the group’s activities.  Consequently, the ongoing ONCA Austria campaign target is increasing awareness of the need for optimized nutritional care for all, with a more specialized focus on malnutrition and disease-related malnutrition. The team is built around this vision, that food and nutritional care will become an integrative part of health care in the near future in our country.

To scale the vision broadly, Austria’s ONCA working group is open for cooperation with all stakeholders and warmly welcomes collaboration supporting the outlined vision.