AMSTERDAM ONCA CONFERENCE 2023 Continuity of Nutrition Care

APNEP Organises national and international courses with support of other medical societies

Gastroenterology Course

APNEP has organized meetings with different medical scientific societies in order to promote Nutrition courses for Members of Societies.

On 06 and 07 January 2017 the first course on Nutrition in Gastroenterology was held, which resulted from a partnership between APNEP and a Portuguese Society of Gastrenterology. The directors of this course were Prof. Jorge Fonseca and Prof. Lino Mendes.


International Body Composition Assessment: an introduction to computed tomography and ultrasound

On March 25, 2017, APNEP sponsored the first international course “Body composition assessment: an introduction to computed tomography and ultrasound”. The course director was Dr. João Pedro Pinho.

The course was taught only by international speakers and was attended by more than 30 Portuguese and foreign health professionals.

Long-Life Learning Courses (LLL)

APNEP is one of the European PENs that more LLL courses organizes. Only in 2017, APNEP has organized 10 LLL courses, with a significant participation of Portuguese health professionals. Os coordenadores dos cursos LLL em Portugal são o Prof. Jorge Fonseca e o Prof. Lino Mendes.

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