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In line with ONCA Portugal’s efforts to implement mandatory nutritional screening in the community, the team is pleased to announce two new developments in their ongoing initiatives. These efforts are an extension of their existing mandatory screening in hospitals, which has been in place since 2018:

In April 2023 the scientific guideline “Malnutrition Screening in Primary Health Care” developed by the Expert Group on Clinical Nutrition for Primary Health Care of APNEP was published.


In September 2023 the legislation for the mandatory nutritional e-screening, not only for hospitals, but also for the primary health care and elderly residential structures was published. The “National Policy for effective screening implementation” published in 2019 will be updated in order to include screening in the community. This document details the screening tools, describes the nutritional risk assessment algorithm (implementation process, systematic evaluation, and monitoring scheme), and includes KPIs for effective implementation measurement.


National Policy for effective screening implementation

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The team is now closer to having mandatory nutritional e-screening implemented at hospitals and in the community which will allow having a real prevalence of malnutrition in Portugal.

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