AMSTERDAM ONCA CONFERENCE 2023 Continuity of Nutrition Care
This course (in Italian) offers basic notions on malnutrition and catabolism, artificial nutrition, indications for enteral or parenteral nutrition.

Healthcare professionals getting access to clinical nutrition should have information about the target of nutrition therapy, how to choose the most suitable access and elaborate the programme for artificial nutrition which are the possible complications and basic notions on their prevention and treatment. They will be taught the recommended composition of nutritional support teams and the role of each professional in order to maximize efficiency, optimize outcomes and reduce adverse effects and costs of nutritional intervention in hospital and at home.

SINPE organizes and supports different editions of the course every year, both residential or webinars, especially in the last 2 years. Thanks to its network of experts and in particular to the regional delegates the formative activity is implemented in the local context ensuring the diffusion of best clinical nutrition practices and uniformity of care in the whole national territory.

Clinical nutrition in ICU patients & Artificial nutrition in cancer patients

Malnutrition has a relevant impact on the outcomes and survival of patients with cancer or in Intensive care units (ICU). SINPE offers high quality and updated formative activity on nutritional support in these areas of major clinical interest involving a wide range of health professionals (physicians, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists). The target of the courses is to improve understanding of the principal mechanisms by which malnutrition affects outcomes and promote the implementation of the best practices of nutrition therapy to prevent the dramatic consequences of improper treatment.

Different editions share the aforementioned principles and highlight contemporarily specific issues of major interest or use in local contexts.



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Clinical nutrition in ICU patients

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Artificial nutrition in cancer patients

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