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DRM Project in Leon awarded as Best Practice in the NHS

The Project on early screening and treatment of DRM in oncohematogical patients in the Complejo Asistencial Universitario Hospital in Leon, has been awarded as Best Practice in the National Health System by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

“This transversal study helps to transform the hospital in a process-, multidisciplinary team- working, that nobody can impose, but must be something that flows and goes into the organization routines”

Juan Luis Burón, director manager of the Complejo Asistencial Universitario Hospital of León (CAULE)

“Early nutritional screening prevents patients malnutrition during hospitalization”

María Ballesteros Pomar. Nutrition Unit. CAULE


The Nutrition Unit of the CAULE hospital was awarded with one of the Best Practices in 2014  in the NHS by the MoH by a Project on DRM early detection and treatment in oncohematologcal patients.

This is a new step in the process of quality improvement in hospital services.

In 2011, the Nutrition Unit of the CAULE started a Project on early detection and treatment of DRM in oncohematological patients.  The screening tool selected was the MST (Malnutrition Screening Tool), followed by an adequate nutritional asssessment and nutritional treatment. The hospitalization nurses perform the screenging of the patient in the first day of hospitalization and is supervised by the Nutrition Unit.

The prevalence of DRM in CAULE was recently reported to be 47.7% (Calleja Fernández A, et al. Nutr Hosp. 2012;27(1):70).

The implementation of this programme led to an improvement in patient intake, that means that 21% more patients achieve their nuritional requirements. The majority of the patients only needed a diet modification, and only 25% of the patients received medical nutritional treatment.

Those patients that did not achieve their nutritional requirements tended to a more prolonged hospital stay, specially if they did not achieve their protein intake target.

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