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European Ageing Network publishes its report on nutritional care

New guidelines for minimising mal-nutrition and promoting well-nutrition in elderly care
The European Ageing Network (EAN) has published its guidelines for promoting well-nutrition in elderly care settings. The report is the fruit of a multi-disciplinary taskforce of nutritional and elderly care professionals and is meant to help managers of elderly care organisations across Europe to shape the nutritional journey in order to keep their serviced older people as long as possible both healthy as well as happy.


“Well-nutrition is one of the unquestionable parts of long-term care. We have to be aware that not only what but also how we eat and drink has a huge impact on the quality of life of older people receiving long term care.”

Jiri Horecky, President of the European Ageing Network

In February 2020 EAN set up a taskforce to develop guidelines for managers to help them tackle the problem of malnutrition. The taskforce considered all aspects of eating – from a social, cultural, medical, economic and organisational point of view. Special attention is paid to nutritional care in the palliative phase, as this stage of life requires specific nutritional approaches.

The mission of the taskforce, composed of EAN members, representatives of the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) and nutrition industry, was to draft practical guidelines based on literature and practice. The final report – available now in English, and to be translated into French and German soon – includes also best practices and handy tips for organising the nutritional journey in elderly care facilities.

Download the guidelines for promoting well-nutrition in elderly care settings:

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Promoting well-nutrition in elderly care. A guide to organising the nutritional journey in elderly care settings

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The European Ageing Network (EAN)

European Ageing Network

The European Ageing Network (EAN) groups more than 10.000 care providers across the European continent. Members represent all types of organisations and individuals active for older persons and all types of ownership including for-profit, not-for-profit and governmental organisations. It is their vision and mission to improve the quality of life for older persons and support them in making each day a better day by providing high-quality housing, services and care. The organisation is present in 25 European countries and its members are servicing over 1 million older people in Europe.

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