ENHA EU Manifesto: A Manifesto for Health Equity in the EU

ENHA is collaborating with European research organizations in an ambitious project called HealthyW8. The main objective of this project is to develop a groundbreaking approach to combat obesity by enhancing the effectiveness of existing and future initiatives and investments in obesity prevention throughout Europe.

Obesity is a significant health issue, affecting around 60% of adults and nearly one in three children in Europe. It is responsible for up to 8% of healthcare costs and significantly increases the risk of noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

The Project’s Aim

Despite numerous attempts and strategies to prevent obesity, current policies and interventions often have limited impact. To address the complexity of tackling obesity, the HealthyW8 consortium, comprising esteemed scientific organizations in Europe, recognizes the need for a personalized approach that considers the multifaceted and interconnected causes of the problem. HealthyW8 will focus on pivotal situations in the life trajectory of individuals, where the risk of progressing to overweight and obesity is high, such as primary schoolchildren, young adults, and the elderly. The project aims to empower citizens to adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyle behaviours while supporting evidence-based clinical, environmental, and policy-level decisions.

The kick-off meeting

The HealthyW8 Project Kick-off Meeting took place on 19th July in Luxembourg, marking the beginning of a 5-year mission in combating obesity. With the participation of 24 partners from 9 countries, the meeting served as an exceptional platform to introduce this innovative initiative that seeks to revolutionize obesity prevention through a state-of-the-art digital-based healthy lifestyle recommender system.

The ENHA part

To maximize its impact, HealthyW8 plans to make its platform and tools available to institutions across Europe. The project aims to share its progress and results through various communication channels, reputable journals, selected events, and its extensive network of stakeholders. As the co-lead organization responsible for communication and dissemination, ENHA is committed to magnifying the project’s impact in every possible way.

By adopting a comprehensive and collaborative approach, HealthyW8 aspires to make a significant contribution to combating obesity and improving the overall health and well-being of individuals across Europe.

HealthyW8 Leaflet

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