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Mandatory nutritional screening legislation framework was published in 2018 and since the current year the screening tools (NRS-2002 & STRONGkids) are available electronically at all Portuguese public hospitals.

In line with ONCA local campaign efforts to ensure “Optimal nutritional care for all through mandatory screening and outpatient accessibility for enteral & parenteral nutrition”, it was published on July 2019 the “National Policy for effective screening implementation” by Directorate-General of Health (DGS).

This document details the screening tools, describes the nutritional risk assessment algorithm (implementation process, systematic evaluation and monitoring scheme) and it includes KPIs for effective implementation measurement. Next steps of deployment comprehend training for multidisciplinary teams and fine-tuning taking into account each hospital centre specific needs.

e-Screening effective implementation will generate data on disease-related malnutrition and the creation of a monitoring system.

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National Policy for effective screening implementation

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