ONCA Conference Copenhagen Creating Equality in Nutritional Care
The initiative meeting ‘Nutrition for Geriatric Patients’, held in Aarhus on 20 January 2020, became a success. Every seat and staircase was used for seating.

From Josephine Gade Bang-Petersen's presentation

Charlotte Suetta emphasized the importance of strength training for the elderly and provided some unforgettable examples of how illness and relief / and in contradiction, strength training affect functional levels.

Next, Josephine Gade Bang-Petersen presented parts of the results of her PhD study with the presentation of ‘The importance of extra protein when older patients are offered training during and after hospitalization’. The results gave substance for reflection in terms of both protein dosing and exercise intensity.

Anne Marie Beck not only presented key points of the ‘ESPEN guideline on clinical nutrition and hydration in geriatrics’, but gave a presentation of the work process behind the document. Some job – but great that they did it because now we have a really practical and useful guideline.

Finally, Dorte Melgaard gave a thorough presentation of the concept of dysphagia, its prevalence and causes. She used the opportunity to give a thorough blow to the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation, both in municipalities and in hospitals.


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