In early 2019, the Central Jutland Region received a grant from the European Commission, aimed at having a conference on health and malnutrition among senior citizens. The University of Aarhus was a co-applicant, while the City of Aarhus and Central Denmark EU Office were associated with the application and the steering committee.

Members of the SmR Advisory Board were:

The DaneAge Association, Danish Patients, Employed Dentists Organization, The General Practitioners Organization, The Diet & Nutrition Association, Arla Foods, ToftCare, VIA University College and Danish Society for Clinical Nutrition


The conference, which was held on 29 October 2019, had 3 main objectives:

1) To support closer dialogue between regional and local politicians, and researchers in the field, and thus scientifically support political decisions

2) to be a kick-off for closer cooperation between regional and local authorities, universities, the private sector as well as patient and elderly organizations, but also international partners

3) in the long term, to develop new and innovative approaches and solutions in the field of malnutrition in the elderly, with a special focus on synergies between health and nutrition.

It was a really exciting day, which we hope will bring a lot of exciting initiatives and political priority.

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