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The Portuguese Malnutrition Awareness Week 2020

5-12 October 2020

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzmg6rHFdaQ


Introduction of the Malnutrition Awareness Week in Portugal




These partners were involved in the week:

  • Portuguese Ministry of Health
  • Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine
  • Portuguese Society of Surgery
  • Portuguese Society of Oncology


Objectives & strategy

  • Leverage awareness of health professionals, patients and caregivers for disease-related malnutrition in Portugal;
  • Educate for the importance of early screening and early nutritional treatment;
  • Increase awareness of the role of clinical nutrition in patient recovery;
  • Educate patients / caregivers to discuss the nutritional status with their healthcare professional;

To achieve meet these objectives, APNEP teamed up with the Optimal Nutritional Care campaign with the endorsement of the Ministry of Health and scientific support of the main medical societies.



Media campaign (online, TV and relevant papers)
Social media campaign



Social media

Awareness video: > 8.000 views; > 200 shares; > 25.000 people reached
Posts: > 17.000 people reached
Testimonials videos: > 5.000 views; > 10.000 people reached

Media campaign

27 online news items
1 opinion article Read here
1 TV appearance View here


Communication, Content & Materials

Please find examples of content and materials at dedicated website:

  • Testimonials videos
  • Media campaign: PR agency and press release



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Aníbal Marinho ONCA Coordinator Portugal

Contact Aníbal for inquiries on Portuguese campaign activities and for publishing of your Good Practice on this website. portugal@nutritionalcare.eu

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