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A tool to measure the quality of nutritional care in an institution.

“"Through using the BAPEN Nutritional Care Tool, this new report highlights how nutritional care is currently organised at an organisational and patient level. As more organisations use this tool we will be in a position to publish real world data regarding improvements delivered and the BAPEN Nutritional Screening Weeks are a great opportunity to use the tool."”

Simon Gabe, BAPEN President

BAPEN Nutritional Care Tool

The British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition has developed a tool to measure the quality of nutritional care in an institution. The area assessed could be as large as an entire hospital or as small as a single ward or a care home.

This tool enables an organisation to assess their nutritional care using both objective measures such as the use of nutritional screening and subjective measures such as the patient’s reports of help with eating and drinking.

The tool is available on line and each patient’s data takes only a few minutes to enter. Regular use of the tool enables assessment of improvement and benchmarking with other institutions.


In late 2017 more than 7000 patient records had been entered into this system, from institutions across the UK.

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