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For pregnant women, it is important to pay extra attention to their diet, to safeguard both their baby’s development and their own wellbeing. As part of a plan to increase awareness of this fact, designer Naomi Jansen has devised a tasty and nutritious way to guide women through their pregnancy: a special range of chocolates. To help expectant mothers keep a healthy and varied daily diet, there are three beneficial chocolates for each trimester. Wrapped in a layer of chocolate, the fillings have been carefully composed of mutually supportive nutrients to achieve a proper health boost and maximum deliciousness.

“I believe that creativity contributes to increasing awareness about healthy eating and behaviour change.”

Naomi Jansen

The ‘Foodpharmacy’ is a creative workplace where designers shape cross-overs between the green (food) and white (health) sector. The aim is to create more awareness on the importance of nutrition in preventive healthcare. Working together with doctors, dieticians, cooks, food technologists and other food- and health professionals, sharing scientifically proven knowledge by translating that to innovative products, concepts, dining experiences and events. After concept development, appropriate and powerful branding and design follows, using design thinking to bridge the gap between nutrition and health. It is better to prevent than to cure and nutrition plays a very important role, inspiring education, healthcare, governments and companies to work together towards the overall health of people in the long term.

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